Andrew East

American football long snapper

Andrew East

Facts of Andrew East

Name Andrew East
Date of Birth September 17, 1991
Gender Male
Birth Country United States of America
Nationality American
Profession American football long snapper
Net worth $80 million
Salary $480,000
Spouse Shawn Johnson
Children Drew Hazel East
Height 1.88 M
Weight 99.8 KG
Father Guy East
Mother Marsha East
Education Owen Graduate School of Management

30 years old NFL player Andrew East once scared his fans and followers after he shared a footage of himself collapsing during workout. He is an American football long snapper who has played with Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars, Memphis Express, Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders. NFL champion Andrew East was born on September 17, 1991, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is married to Olympic Gold medalist Shawn Johnson East. He attended North Central High School where he played in the Linebacker position in the school team.

How Did Andrew Proposed Shawn?

Andrew and his longtime girlfriend Shawn met for the first time through his athlete brother. The pair were engaged in July 2015 during a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. The scene of Andrew proposing to his sweetheart was romantic enough for the viewers present at the stadium. Right at the moment, the Cubs were capturing the engagement in the video which was later shared on their Instagram. Later, Shawn shared the Cub’s Instagram post with the caption;

Well, I know it is not a secret But I experienced the greatest surprise a girl could ever ask for today The love of my life @andrewdeast asked me to be his forever AND I SAID YES!!!!!! #isaidyes #weregettingmarried #holycow.

Andrew East and Shawn Johns Wedding
Image: Andrew East and Shawn Johns Wedding

Just an hour after he proposed Shawn, Andrew shared a photo of himself on one knee and with a caption; “I’m a lucky guy to put a ring on this girls finger! I love you” @shawnjohnson.

Their Intimate Wedding Ceremony

A year later on April 16, 2016, Andrew and Shawn exchanged wedding rings at the ceremony in Tennessee. The event was organized by Shawn with the help of celebrity wedding planner Sara Fried of Fte Nashville. The wedding ceremony was planned according to her which was intimate and relaxed. The newly married couple were then reported to be living in Nashville.

In an interview with People magazine, Andrew’s wife told;
Everything is right about him! The more I wasn’t trying to impress him by being that celebrity girl or Olympic gymnast but was just my weird, awkward self, the more he loved me. And it just became more and more comfortable.

Andrew and Shawn welcomed their first baby girl Drew Hazel East on October 29, 2019. Aside from being parents, the pair also run their own Youtube channel named The East Family with more than 1.1 million subscribers. The channel is best known for its funny and comedy family vlogs.

Andrew and Shawn  their first baby girl Drew Hazel
Image: Andrew and Shawn their first baby girl Drew Hazel

What is Andrew’s Net Worth?

Andrew’s net worth is assumed to be not less than $80 million. As one of the highest-paid NFL players, he makes an average salary of $480,000 a year. According to the American pay-TV business news channel CNBC, a player with at least three years experience earns as much as $705, 000. Similarly, players with seven to nine years of experience are paid $915,000 a year.

5,259 square-foot house at Harpeth
Image: 5,259 square-foot house at Harpeth

Recently, Andrew and Shawn bought a 5,259 square-foot house at Harpeth Hills Drive, Nashville for $2 million. The mansion with basement gyms and massive rooms is quite spacious for an East family of three. Furthermore, the pair’s dream house is surrounded by trees all around. The young celebrity couple are also known to spend huge amounts for travelling in the world’s most popular destinations.

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