• Amra Ricketts

    Amra Ricketts

  • Facts of Amra Ricketts

    Name Amra Ricketts
    Date of Birth May 31, 1987
    Zodiac Sign Gemini
    Gender Male
    Birth Country Philadelphia, PA, United States
    Nationality American
    Profession Youtuber
    Net worth $1 Million
    Girlfriend N/A
    Marital Status Single
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Black

    Amra Ricketts is a star, artist, singer, performer, dancer, and social media personality in the United States. Amra Ricketts is famous for his Youtube content, including music videos, Worthy, Tales from the Crypt, Flitz is Dead, and others. Besides, he is also known for his FLitz or The Nerdsworth Youtube channel.

    Early Life 

    Amra Ricketts, a star, artist, singer, actor, dancer, and social media personality from the United States of America, was born on May 31, 1987, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He moved to Los Angeles later. The name of his father and mother are not known yet. He has a brother, but his name is not known. He also follows the religion of Christianity and belongs to African Americans. His sign of the Zodiac is Gemini.

    Body Measurement and Social Media

    Amra has dark brown hair and black eyes. Besides, no detail about his height and weight is still unknown. His body measurement is anonymous, and his body shape is well maintained.

    The young star is active in social media. His Instagram account @nerdsworth has over 218 k followers, and @JoshuaSuarez, the YouTube channel, has over one and five million subscribers, and Ra Nerdsworth, his second YouTube channel, has over 10 k subscribers. He has more than 159k followers on his twitter account @FLitz.

    Career As a YouTuber

    He began as a YouTuber from his career, starting with the channel name Ra Wordsworth. The feature of the channel is his girlfriend, brother, and mother. He posts content like video music, worthy, Crypt Tales, Flitz is dead, etc. on YouTube Ra Nerdsworth Channel.

    Amra Ricketts with friends
    Amra Ricketts with friends
    Image Credit: youtube.com

     Nevertheless, he is a member of the Smog Games community with other popular Youtuber Mari Takahashi, Lasercorn, Courtney Miller, Anthony Padilla, etc.. He gained his name Fitz as the protagonist of the Cool Toon video game from Dreamcast.

    Besides being active in other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram has thousands of fans worldwide. Besides, there are more than thousands of followers on his social media account. He is also a Twitch star in Twitch.

    Net Worth – $1 Million

    He has not won or been nominated for any of the prizes. Besides that, his YouTube channel started to increase and has thousands of users on other social media sites. He could, therefore, win the rewards in the future with his exceptional and unique talents. He has estimated to have a net worth approximately $1 million.

    There is no detail about his salary, his vehicles, and his residences. His quality on the net affects his renowned YouTube channels, social media personality, Instagram posts, advertising, etc.

    Relationship Status

    He is not married yet. He is in a relationship with women, but he has not yet revealed it. They were seen together and during their career in social media. He is a pleasant and free individual of the spirit. He doesn’t seem to like controversy and to focus more on his work than speculation and debate.

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