• Aliyah Simone


    Aliyah Simone

  • Facts of Aliyah Simone

    Name Aliyah Simone
    Date of Birth May 29, 2002
    Zodiac Sign May 29, 2002
    Gender Gemini
    Birth Country United States
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Jamaican
    Profession Youtuber
    Net worth $1 Million
    Marital Status Dating
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Dark Brown

    The American YouTube vlogger Aliyah Simone is renowned for posting different lifestyles, lessons, and videos of advice. Aliyah Simone has accumulated more than 552k subscribers.

    Aliyah was born under the astrological sign of Gemini in the United States on May 29, 2002, and No information exists about her mother, siblings, and other days of childhood. She lives in North Carolina, Charlotte. Aliyah ‘s nationality is likewise American and Jamaican.

    Social Media

    As a celebrity in social media, she is active on various web sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. On Instagram, she goes with @aliyah.simonee handles with 120k fans. Her handle @aliyahsimonee2.0 has more than 76.2k followers of fans. She also has more than 552k views on her YouTube channel. And on her Twitter account, she has won 29.8 K followers.

    Relationship Status

    She’s currently single, representing Aliyah Simone’s personal life. She had been in a romantic relationship before. She dated a guy named Tristan with @tristann.thomas in Instagram handles. She often continues to post her photos on her Instagram handles. They have been dating for very long years. But she sadly posted a “We Broke Up?” YouTube video. | Life Update | somebody Aaliyah,” on.

    Aliyah Simone with boyfriend, Tristan
    Aliyah Simone with boyfriend, Tristan Thomas
    Image Credit: instagram.com

    In the same way, she used to hang out with her boyfriend and featured him in most of the YouTube videos. Some of her YouTube videos featuring her ex include “Let’s Make Gingerbread Houses With My Boyfriend!” | Vlogmas Day 23,” “Exploit My Boyfriend for Views! | Vlogmas Day 22,” and a lot more. Also read, Youtuber, Zoe Hazel VanBrocklin‘s married life.

    Total Net Worth – $1 Million

    Talking of Aliyah Simone ‘s earnings, she’s a famous YouTube star who won her YouTube work with a decent number. Although she did not indicate her exact income, its net value is estimated to be approximately 1 million dollars. However, she lives a happy life.

    Career as a Youtuber

    She’s a famous social media star who has gained fame through her YouTube account. She launched her self-titled YouTube channel on February 9, 2013. At present, her oldest YouTube video on the channel “Q&A #3” dates back to February 22, 2015. The footage captured almost 23,090 views.

    She also rose to fame by sharing various lifestyles, tutorials, and videos on her YouTube eponymous channel. Her YouTube channel has received nearly 31 million views from over 552 K subscribers.

    Aliyah Simone and Tristan
    Aliyah Simone and Tristan Thomas
    Image Credit: Twitter/aliyahsimonee

    One of her most-watched and popular videos on her channel, “Things Girls Want To Know About Guys,” was posted on 04 October 2017 with 1,078,223 views. Similarly, she often posts her favorite music playlist videos. Some of the artists included Joey Bada$$, Lil Uzi Vert, and SZA.

    In addition to YouTube, she is active on various media platforms such as Instagram. She owns two handles of Instagram. Likewise, she places on her Instagram handles her regular lives, which were drawn to thousands of followers. The key Instagram handle has over 120k followers on @aliyah.simonee, where 139 posts have been posted.

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