Alexis Roderick

Alexis Roderick

Facts of Alexis Roderick

Date of Birth 1982
Gender Female
Birth Country United State
Nationality American
Net worth $3.5 million
Spouse Billy Joel

Billy Joel is quite well-known for his music, and a long list of partners with whom he’s been and broken up with. At a ripe old age, nobody thought that the Piano Man would marry again, but sometimes, things don’t go the way people think it should, because that is life. It started a media frenzy, which led them to dig up everything they could find, and search for more where there was none.

Who is Alexis Roderick?

And life broke the internet, almost 7 years ago, when it was announced that the musician was marrying again. But this time, his partner was your everyday person, Alexis Roderick, who had probably stopped being one when she got into a relationship with him more than a decade ago. So, let’s take a look at the story of Alexis Roderick, the wife of Mr. New York City. I guess that makes her Mrs. New York City IV.

The heading is the very same question that was lingering over everyone’s heads when it was announced that she was getting married to THE Billy Joel. She is around the age of Billy Joel’s first daughter. You might hear that Alexis is an equestrian, which is just a fancy word for a horse rider. She has actually competed in contests and passed the contagion on to her husband too, who doesn’t compete, sadly. 

Apparently, Roderick was born in 1982, but the actual date of her birth remains unknown to the public. She went to college at Stony Brook University, where she graduated with multiple degrees, two of them being Political Science and Economics.


Apparently, Roderick was having a normal life in New York City, as a Risk Assessment Advisor at Morgan Stanley. But one fateful day in 2009, she met Billy Joel in a restaurant in Huntington, which kick-started their friendship. At that time, Alexis was 31-years-old and the music legend was 62, which is more the proof of age being just a number unless it is under 18.

Photo: The Piano Man and Alexis' wedding
Photo: The Piano Man and Alexis’ wedding

And they managed to keep their deep and private relationship under wraps for over 5 years! And when they let the cat out of the bag, they put a ring on it to ensure that the world went into a meltdown. By then, nobody could doubt Billy Joel’s commitment to his wife. Even their closest friends were surprised, which shows how much of a secret the relationship was.

Family Man

And when they married, boy, was it grand. But it wasn’t better than that moment a few months later, when they announced that they were pregnant. Her name is Della Rosa and she was born on the 12th of August, 2015. Apparently, Joel was very happy with the child, as he stated in an interview, verbatim “I hope the other one is just like her, this one sleeps through the night.”

Photo: Billy Joel and the family

Then another daughter was born, another blessing. About three years ago, Remy Anne was born to the couple on the 22nd of October, 2017. Alexis has still managed to remain statuesque, despite birthing two children.

 Net Worth

It can be said that Alexis Roderick’s Net Worth has gone up by quite a few hundred percent, not amounting to inflation. Despite having had a well-paying job, it wasn’t like she was making bank back when she was working rather than following her passion.

Photo: Even Alexis’ daughter is into horse-riding

But, her fortune doesn’t come from following her passion, her passion is rather the source of her fortune. And her husband. After meticulous calculations and source analysis, it can be concluded that the equestrian is worth $3.5 million, based on the property she legally owns. Her spouse however, the great Billy Joel, is worth over $150 million, which is quite impressive for a senior citizen.


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